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OpenEcoMaps :: contribute to the map

Contributing to the maps

You can add anything you like to OpenStreetMap, including more renewable energy generators, recycling bins, community food growing spaces, car club parking bays, art galleries and all the other features we display here.

There are two golden rules to obey:

  1. You must not copy any information from other maps as they are copyrighted - that includes things others have put onto Google Maps, and info on the council's web maps, for example;
  2. Only enter things that actually physically exist on the ground. For example, add a library but don't add a community group that meets there - OpenStreetMap isn't the place for that sort of information.

If you know what you're doing, find the place you want to start editing on the map and click on the 'edit' link when you're zoomed in far enough.

Learn the basics

All of the jargon can be very confusing. To learn the basics about OpenStreetMap, read this short introduction.

Learn how to edit the maps

The editor can be equally confusing at first glance. To make sure you know what you're doing, read this short tutorial complete with an instructional video.